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What is Omnivoid? Empty

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What is Omnivoid? Empty What is Omnivoid?

on Tue Mar 14, 2017 5:57 pm
Welcome, friends, to the Omnivoid general discussions forum!  I hope your membership here is enjoyable and long-lived.  Nothing is off-topic here and all discussions, of almost any caliber, are welcome.

What is Omnivoid?
I used to be a member of SodaHead, which used to be a debate site where people posted polls and discussions about various topics and other users added their two-sense to the dialogue.  Many an argument was had, friends probably became foes, right-wing extremists came crawling from the woodwork.  It was often a mess -- but it was often also fun.

Now, SodaHead is still a website for polls, but only those created by media companies.  Other similar sites, like CreateDebate and, are available for this purpose, but they're a bit too aggressive for me.  And anyway, I don't necessarily want a debating platform, I simply want a place where folks from all over can enjoy the company of others and share their views on a particular view on a topic without being argued with, or without someone trying to convert them to a specific mindset.

Other general forums are hosted on websites already centering around a particular message or medium.  I simply wanted a general discussions forum where the point was to discuss whatever, without there being any kind of preconceptions about the site and what its biases are.  And so, Omnivoid was born, the words "omni" meaning all and "void" meaning empty.  Together, I think the two perfectly represent what this forum is all about: the discussions we have here can either be all encompassing and extremely important, or they can be empty, light-hearted and simply something to do.

Getting Started
There's no one particular place you have to start, but if you're feeling a bit lost, this can help!  Check out The Guide for help completing any of the following (admins and mods, use this guide, please).  First things first, so you'll probably want to begin by:

  • filling out your profile information.  None of the info is necessary, but you can add whatever you like.
  • introducing yourself to the rest of the site.  I want it to be like Cheers and the Olive Garden in here: everybody knows each others' names and when you're here, you're family.
  • reading the Rules of the forum.  There aren't many (depending on why you're here, really), but it's important they be followed as closely as possible.  We want this site to operate as smoothly and be as considerate to all our guests as possible.
  • finding the forum of discussion you're most passionate about, and posting there.  Feel free to jump right in!  Either reply to a topic someone else already created, or make your own.

Most of all, just have fun!
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