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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Tue Mar 14, 2017 6:49 pm

A necessary list of essentially perfunctory rules -- meaning many of these should come as second nature to you civilized folks, but maybe not so much for those raised in barns.  NOTE: This site reserves the right to modify these Rules and Guidelines as it sees fit.  Have a look-see:

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PostSubject: Avatars & Signatures   Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:07 pm

Avatars may not exceed 160x160 pixels in size -- you may upload one from your computer's library or from another URL, create one on FaceYourManga, link to one on another website or pick one from the Gallery.  They cannot be racist, sexist, or in any other way derogatory or discriminatory in nature.  If you need instructions for how to change your avatar, please click here.

Signatures support BBCode and HTML, may include images and links, and may not exceed 1000 characters in length -- the same rules for what constitutes appropriate avatar content also applies here.  If you need instructions for how to edit your signature, please click here.

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PostSubject: General Forum Rules   Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:56 pm

  • Make your posts in the appropriate forum.  Mods can move them if something is posted in the wrong place by mistake, but a consistent habit of doing this will result in warnings which may also result in banishment from the site, depending on the amount and severity of any warnings you may already have.
  • Do not use any derogatory and/or discriminatory language, especially towards other users -- this includes remarks about one's race, nationality, sexual orientation, mental and/or physical disabilities, or religious and/or political beliefs.  With that being said, we do encourage all forms of good-natured comedy, even that of an explicit nature, except where otherwise specified (such as in the Religion forum).
  • On the other hand, this isn't Tumblr.  Don't be a nancy; you should expect to engage with the community and potentially hear anything -- despite the amount of mods designated to keep an eye on the forums, we can all only be one place at a time.  And we would prefer not to have a million messages in our inboxes about how you've been "triggered," or how so-and-so's profile pic personally offended you by "exacerbating the culture appropriation issue by reducing it to a sterotype," or some weird crap like that.  If you're easily offended, you don't belong here.
  • Respect others' original works, and ask permission to use them elsewhere.
  • No "backseat" moderation -- please use the "Report post" function to report misplaced or inappropriate posts, or PM a mod or admin about the issue.
  • Please post in English, as this is an English-speaking forum and it will make the flow of conversation much easier.  If you cannot read and/or write in English, please use Google's translation service to assist you.  Si no puede leer o escribir en inglés, utilice el servicio de traducción de Google para ayudarle.  إذا كنت لا تستطيع قراءة أو الكتابة باللغة الإنجليزية، يرجى استخدام خدمة الترجمة من Google لمساعدتكم.  You may, of course, speak whichever language you wish in PM.
  • Use proper grammar in your posts -- do not SHOUT in all CAPS or use excessive emoticons and/or punctuation.
  • There is a no tolerance policy on spamming -- spammers will be immediately banned.  This includes:
    1. Intentionally constantly posting irrelevant replies and/or off-topic threads;
    2. Advertising businesses, services, products and/or other websites in any other forum other than the ones designated specifically for that purpose;
    3. Intentionally linking to malicious websites;
    4. Trolling and/or harassing other users.
  • This forum is for general audiences -- at this time, posting pornographic or overly violent images are not permitted.
  • Use descriptive titles for new posts -- examples of bad titles are generic, vague ones like "Need help!" or "I'm stuck!"  Examples of good, descriptive titles are "Setting up supply routes on Fallout 4?" or "Audio issues on Windows 10 laptop."
  • All of the rules specific to conduct in this thread also apply to all types of communication between users, including private messaging.
  • Use any guides and/or instructions within these forums at your own risk.  Use common sense and research methods before putting them into practice.  This website nor its owners and/or users will be responsible for any irresponsible behavior formed as a result of information gathered from here.
  • This site may, at any time, request that posted material deemed offensive by a large majority of the membership be either changed or deleted.  Refusal to comply with this request will result in a warning.
  • Please make a habit of referencing your material -- this includes any articles, images, quotes, videos, etc.  If you're not sure of the actual source of something, include a link to the exact URL you posted from.  This is simply out of respect for copyright holders and to ensure we're not unintentionally breaking any copyright laws.
  • Occasionally, a mod or admin will clean out stagnant topics, or "prune" them -- if we come across a topic that hasn't received any responses in 90 days or more, it will be moved to the Basket.
  • Do not use the color red (#ff0000) in any of your posts.  This color is only to be used by admins and mods and will help certain important, relevant information to stand out from the rest.
  • Exclamation WARNING:  POTENTIAL HEALTH RISK!  Exclamation Any of these forums may contain graphics and flashing GIFs that may trigger seizures.  If you suffer from photosensitive epilepsy, proceed with caution.
  • Do not give your personal information to anyone on this site -- this includes private email addresses, account passwords, phone numbers, physical addresses, etc. This practice is for your safety.
  • There's a no zero tolerance policy for doxxing, which is when you post someone else's private information with the intention of getting other users to help harass the person, especially at home or at work. Similarly, if someone decides to post private info, you should not use that information to seek out the person physically.

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PostSubject: Posting in the Current Events Forum   Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:02 pm

We understand that discussions about politics and religion can become heated ones -- and that's perfectly okay!  We want you to be fired up about the topics you're most passionate about, but we encourage you to do so that is unoffensive and civil.  A debate on a topic is one thing... arguing is a completely different thing.  Debate is strongly encouraged -- arguing is not.

Furthermore, we'd like to note that this forum is non-biased and non-partisan -- while all of our admins, mods and users personally hold different opinions and beliefs, when moderating this forum, the personal beliefs and opinions of the admins and mods are never conducive to the ultimate determination of an issue.  Mods fulfill their duties from an objective standpoint and instead base their decisions on facts: did someone instigate an argument?  Did that person use any language or perform any action that violates this site's zero tolerance policy?  And has that person already received warnings of the same nature?

Please utilize the following rules and considerations when in the Current Events forum:
  • No baiting, flaming, or trolling.  Do not intentionally post comments designed to coerce other users into an argument.  Flaming, as defined by Google, is the posting of "vitriolic criticism" -- in other words, bitter and/or malicious responses.  Finally, trolls are individuals who often utilize baiting tactics online by acting in a manner that is deliberately offensive and/or provocative.  In fact, there is a zero tolerance policy of this behavior, which means banishment from the site immediately.
  • Do not use political propaganda terms offensively.  For example, you may not refer to someone with oppositional views "libtards," "feminazis," "sheeple," "rethuglicans," or any other similar terms.  Not only are these terms offensive, but they alslo invalidate your argument.
  • Do not insult another person's religion.  Please continue to feel free to observe the religion objectively, but we ask that you do not attack or shame someone for what they believe.
  • When discussing news, provide your sources so that other members of the discussion can see where you're getting your information.  Along this same vane, do not post articles that are blatantly satirical and try to pass them off as fact.
  • Follow the General Rules as well as these.
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PostSubject: Posting in the Drugs & Substances Forum   Sat Mar 18, 2017 6:37 pm

Because we also have a support forum for people to discuss drug addiction, it's important for us to lay down a set of ground rules, mainly to emphasize the purpose of the Drugs & Substances forum.  This is not the same as the support forum for drug addiction -- please click here to be redirected to that forum (or see the rules specific to the drug addiction support forum).


Omnivoid strives to be a discussion board covering a wide range of topics, and we strongly advocate the exercise of free speech.  In addition, we believe the current majority opinion about recreational drugs is due largely in part to the spread of biased misinformation and an alarmingly growing superiority complex instilled in Western society by the treatment of addicts by law enforcement and the opinions of them given by government officials.

As Robert Kennedy once said:
"Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on."

Essentially, this quote says society creates its own evils which simultaneously creates a need for "salvation" from that specific evil.  We demonize drug addicts because we don't understand or remember -- or we've chosen not to remember -- the different states of mind certain drugs induce.  Obviously, if a person's drug use directly affects someone else, or has the potential to affect someone else -- driving while intoxicated, or bodily harming another person due to negative side effects of intoxication, for example -- then it does become a societal problem that should be dealt with accordingly and in a manner befitting the crime1.

But if someone's drug use is not directly affecting another person (I'm sorry if it may hurt your feelings, but that doesn't count), is it really justifiable to tell them what they can or cannot put into their bodies?  Or is it truly a violation of one's personal rights and privacy?


Having said that, here are the rules of engagement specific to the Drug & Substances forum:
  • Follow the general rules of the forum in addition to the following ones.
  • Do not advise drug usage of any kind.  You may still, however, discuss your personal experiences with drugs you've experimented with or are actively using.
  • This forum respects and supports those current states that have legalized recreational marijuana use.  If you live in a state that allows recreational marijuana use, you may discuss your experiences, past and/or current, as applicable by that state's laws.
  • Do not discuss crimes you have committed while under the influence in a tone that implies advocacy.
  • To avoid further spread of misinformation, please note discrepancies in different findings reported on the same topic, either in your own posts or someone else's posts.  If one reputable site finds that marijuana is a gateway drug, you should balance those findings out with findings to the contrary from either the same source or a different one that is just as reputable.  For example, if an article by [insert 1st reputable website name here] reports that marijuana is a gateway drug but [insert 2nd reputable website name here] reports that there is no evidence of marijuana being a gateway drug, post them both.  This is akin to unbiased reporting and will allow readers to make their own determinations based on all the facts.

1  In this case, drug addiction is referred to as a crime to reference current drug laws and arrest procedures, when the fact is drug addiction is officially a health condition.  Note that various drug information sites, including anti-drug campaigns, as well as medical information sites such as WebMD and Mayo Clinic refer to drug addiction as either a "disease" or a "disorder."

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PostSubject: Tagging & Hashtagging   Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:16 am

Tagging and hashtagging will be the two best ways of navigating the site. The feature works on here the same way it does on Twitter -- tag other users and hashtag your keywords so topics are easier to find and navigate through.

Because this lessens users ease of finding particular topics, we ask that you use this feature responsibly. This means to:
  • Make your hashtags relevant to your topic. Try not to use random hashtags.
  • Use proper grammar in your hashtags, to reduce the risk of misreading.
  • Try to keep your hashtags as short as possible, because it makes them easier to remember and understand.
  • If you use a keyword regularly in any of your sentences, take the opportunity to hashtag it there. You don't have to add your hashtags to the end of your posts, unless the keyword you want to include hasn't already been used.
  • The general rule of thumb is: if it's a significant hashtag found on Twitter, then it'll be significant here too.
  • Refer often to tagdef to see trending Twitter hashtags and the common definitions of user-submitted ones.
  • immediately cease tagging users that have specifically asked you not to tag them in anything else. Continuing to do so will be considered a form of harassment and result in either a warning or banishment, depending on the severity, along with other factors.
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Rules   

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Forum Rules
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