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on Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:41 pm
The August 2017 space edition of #NationalGeographic magazine included an interesting story of five men, each of who believe they're the embodiment of Christ. They each have followers and Scriptures and a different interpretation of the Christian Bible. The author of the article, #JonasBendiksen, says of the "disciples" of the men he met:

"Each of these men is unique. The communities that surround them are too. For most people, belief in a higher power is an abstract thing. But for these disciples -- most of whom seem highly intelligent; none appear to be brainwashed or crazy -- it's tangible. They can touch their belief."

Arrow Moses Hlongwane, South Africa
Moses started out as a jewelry salesman. He says God spoke to him in a dream in 1992 and "identified him as the Messiah." Now he has 40 disciples, one of whom he married and refers to as "Mother of the Whole World." He says his marriage to her signifies the end of days.

Arrow INRI, #Brazil
Inri got his name from the carving Pontius Pilate mockingly left on Jesus' cross. It means "Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews." His "awakening" came in 1979 during a fast in Chile and, since then, he's traveled to nearly 30 countries, spreading his controversial messages. You know the things you have to say must be pretty extreme if the land of freedom of speech exiles you. In the 80s. But in his homeland of Brazil, he is routinely invited to lecture at universities. He has had over 40 interactions with police because of his style and manner of speaking.

Arrow Vissarion, #Siberia
This guy's Messiah game is unlike any other. He's got everything you'd expect -- several eco-communities, at least 5000 followers, his prophecies recorded in tomes dubbed The Last Testament. He may very well be crazy, but at least he's teaching the word of goodness, love and peace.

Arrow Jesus of Kitwe, #Zambia
This dude has remained steadfast in his self-belief, even through reported beatings. Still, he claims to be the Second Coming of Christ and preaches about the End of Days when he's not working as a cab driver and being a family man in Kitwe throughout the week.

Arrow Mitsuo Matayoshi, #Japan
The scariest of them all, personally. Let's hope this man doesn't get more of a following or we'd all be screwed. Here's a man who "instructs opponents to commit suicide and threaten[s] hellfire upon transgressors; founded the World Economic Community Party in 1997; and says his goal is to bring about the End of Days via the democratic political process." His ultimate goal is to gain control of the United Nations and "institute the will of God on Earth." This dude really needs to let loose a little, damn.

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